Children’s day is everyday!

Yes the answer I got every year when I complained as a child “why do we have mothers day and father’s day but no children’s day?” “Children’s day is every day” mum would say, infact I remember the last time she told me that she was washing dishes and I sat at the table along with mum’s friend and her young daughter. Her friend informed me that my mums answer was perfectly correct and that children were spoiled most days and it was only fair that mum should have a special day too.

Mother’s day a bit of an odd day, a day to remind us to do something nice for our mums. I did love mother’s day; making her breakfast in bed (toast, tea maybe cold cereal not exactly Michelin star stuff but I was a child) my dad would give my sister and I a few pounds to buy a card, flowers and a gift for her.

God knows my mum did get some shocking gifts from me over the years bubble gum, bubble bath, cheap perfume , the most hideous looking ornaments which looking back now she must have been thinking how the hell do I look enthusiastic about this, but that’s what she did and that’s what make mums special being able to mustering up excitement about what can sometimes only be described as the receipt of nonsense items.

Occasionally she would receive something you knew she felt was a little more special like a small decorative plaque with a poem expressing what a wonderful mother she was. These things would get pride of place in the cabinet and a large sense of pride and accomplishment would be gained every year because you managed to put the biggest smile on your mums face

In all honesty I can not wait for the day when my son makes me some silly object and utters the words HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to me, I already know the huge broad smile and fat gargantuan tears will erupt and I will be full of pride that my little boy is letting me know that he appreciates me!

Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love. – Stevie Wonder



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