Dance to the Music

I woke up this morning not feeling in the best mood however I was soon cheered up to the beautiful sound of my son singing DINKLE DINKLE DINKLE DINKLE DINKLE DINKLE DINKLE DINKLE which is he’s version of twinkle twinkle little star which he sang for the first time today I nearly cried, it was so sweet.

We headed out early because I made up my mind that today I was going to join a gym, well if the truth be told I joined last week when I had an introduction, but today was my first proper session and it was good! I did the treadmill, bike and cross trainer the whole workout was only around 40minutes but the trainer said that was enough for now.

My son also had a good time I took him with me he spent the whole time in the crèche; and today was bouncy castle day. I was told he had lots of fun on the bouncy castle and sang heaps of songs and nursery rhymes. He didn’t want to leave! So I’m sold I’ll be going again later in the week, think I’m gonna like this.

After the gym we went shopping where Khai saw and fell in love with a toy car to which I gave in and brought for him this car makes lots of sounds it beeps, toots, honks, and oddly plays SLY AND THE FAMILY STONE – Dance to the Music (why???????) and he wouldn’t put it down, not on the walk home.

The car

Not even on the swing.

Or even when I found the mute button and switched the maddening noise off.

Infact he didn’t put it down until he fell asleep.

Then woke up; found it, took it to bed, fell asleep again.


One thought on “Dance to the Music

  1. I love that, our children…the light of our life!! Where would we be without them…nowhere.

    It’s funny how the find the happiness in the small things. Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to pick up a truck and be in absolute heaven! I enjoyed your post. You are a natural!


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