Hello world, how you doing?

Hey I’m Steph; I am a 32 year old single mum of a wonderful two year old boy named Khai. He is the joy of my world!

I’ve stared this blog to document the journey that Khai and I are on; to make a home and a life together, I guess this particular journey stated two years ago when I gave birth to my son and I finished my degree at seven and a half months pregnant, so I’ve never used my degree professionally as I’ve been at home with my son in that time.

This I wish to change since Khai will be going to nursery part time and I will try pursuing a career in illustration and or community arts work.

Wish me luck and come along for the ride the more the merrier!


4 thoughts on “Hello world, how you doing?

  1. Welcome to blogging!! It is so much fun when (most) of the people on the other side of the computer don’t know who you are.

    It is a wonderful exchange of thoughts and opinions that you hope someone is this world agrees with!! lol

    I wish you much luck. Your son is very lucky to have you as a mother!


    • Oh thank you so much Lynn; its really nice of you to say and to hear that, you have made me smile today!

      yes your right there is so much less pressure when people on the other side of the pc don’t know who you are, or at least i’m hoping so! I am about to stop by and check out your blog!

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